Say “Ello” to British Charm: Today is Going to Be a Great Day Artist Focus

Ello LovelyWith an Etsy shop name like “Ello Lovely,” you might assume that the talented artist behind the storefront is British, but you’d be wrong! Rhianna Wurman is actually from Texas originally, and now calls Asheville, North Carolina home. However, there is some British inspiration behind her work. Rhianna’s grandmother was English and is the guiding light behind the prints and illustrations of Ello Lovely.

This signature English charm makes its way into Rhianna’s illustrations, photography, knitting and other handiwork. The messages she broadcasts through her work are sweet and simple in a lovely subdued palette. In the Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® calendar, she advises her viewers to, “Find things that inspire you every day.” The words fill the shape of an apple, formed by curvaceous pencils.

Where do you find inspiration? This drawing makes us think of a classroom led by an energetic teacher who finds a way of making math, history and science inspirational to students. Outside the classroom, for adults, there are countless places to find inspiration on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy to feel inspired when you’re doing something out of the ordinary—say, when traveling, going to a big concert or attending a friend’s wedding. What about on the often humdrum Monday through Friday circuit? Where can you find inspiration then?

Well, you might have to do a bit more looking, as Rhianna’s use of the word “find” suggests. Explore a new neighborhood or trail on a walk after work. Strike up a conversation with a total stranger. Tackle a new recipe in the kitchen. Or start a new book. Let the everyday world be your muse!

Ello Lovely

Here are some of Rhianna’s other positive messages:

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People
  • No Looking Back. Love Where You’re Going.
  • I Make My Own Sunshine.
  • Morning Brew Good as New

Speaking of hot beverages, tea is a recurring theme in Rhianna’s work—no surprise since she’s channeling English vibes. “Time for tea, love,” one print boasts alongside a bird pouring a kettle of tea into a cup. Our favorite tea-themed work from Ello Lovely, is a print of a kettle-shaped constellation—complete with sugar cubes, a tea bag, and a spoon—in the starry sky.

Ello Lovely

Check out Ello Lovely on Pinterest, and prepare to be inspired:

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Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® and Wall Calendars:

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