September is National Save a Tiger Month and Save the Koala Month!

A tiger and a koala may seem like a rather unlikely pair to be paling around together, but the two animals actually have something in common. Both are on the endangered species list, and both have awareness campaigns about their endangerment during the month of September. 

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Around 100 years ago, over 100,000 tigers roamed their habitat in Asia. Now, there are fewer than 3,200 left and conservationists worldwide are doing everything they can to increase tiger populations. Tigers roam through only 7% of the area they once used to inhabit. Why this massive population decline? A number of factors are at play, including depopulation of the animals they prey on, destruction of tiger habitat, and poaching of tigers by those seeking to collect their sought-after pelts and bones.

The Tiger Conservation Initiative is an international group of tiger conservationists, scientists and celebrities who united with the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility to help save the tiger. Thankfully, they are joined by many other organizations with similar goals. Panthera, in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, created the Tigers Forever strategy has a goal of increasing tiger populations in major tiger habitats of Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Thailand by 50-percent by 2016 by reducing poaching.

Over in Australia, koalas are getting some help from the Australian Koala Foundation, the organization that created Save the Koala Month. The Australian Government declared koalas to be “vulnerable” in 2012, yet the Australian Koala Foundation argues that the label should really be taken up a notch to “critically endangered” for the South East Queensland region. Like tigers, koalas suffer due to the destruction of their habit, as well as from dog attacks, bush fires, and car accidents. Check out their website to see how you can help by adopting a koala, donating or helping to spread awareness! 

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