Shoes Engagement Calendar Designer Focus: Jerome C. Rousseau

No matter what you're wearing, if your feet are cloaked in a pair of Rousseaus, that’s all anyone will notice. Jerome C. Rousseau puts his best foot forward this week in the Shoe Engagement Page-A-Day® calendar. 

Jerome C. Rousseau shoes (The Community - Pop Culture Geek)

Jerome C. Rousseau (Maegan Tintari)Since he launched his label in 2008, Jerome’s shoes have been walking runways and decorating famous feet without pause. Jerome, who is originally from Quebec, calls art and music his first creative loves. As a teenager, he began to sketch shoes after being inspired by a Deee-Lite video clip. If you’ve seen a Deee-Lite video, and you’ve seen shoes by Rousseau, then this artistic tie makes perfect sense. Think ‘80s on the cusp of the ‘90s. Day-glo neon colors. Shiny leather. Sky-high platforms. Enough said.

While there’s a healthy artistic chasm between the Deee-Lite aesthetic and the style of Jerome’s sophisticated line, the original influence is readily apparent. He calls it “overstated retro footwear”—a description no one would attach to Jerome’s high-end line today. Jerome honed his skills by studying footwear design at London’s Cordwainers College, and working with the likes of Matthew Williamson, John Richmond and John Rocha. This proved a solid background from which to launch his own label, which is manufactured in Italy.

These days, modern art, European design, pop culture and nightlife also inspire Jerome’s designs. In turn, his designs inspire pop culture and nightlife, with celebrities like Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz and Elle Fanning strapping Rousseaus on their feet.

His Spring 2014 collection is awash in bright pinks, polka dots and ornate design. Corkboard material transforms into a posh sandal with a blocky heel as well as an elegant toeless pump. Shimmering green iridescent leather is fashioned into leaves—or are they feathers?—that sit atop the foot in funky sandals. One of the most flooring things about Jerome’s aesthetic is that in a single season’s collection, he displays wild variety, yet with a subtle common thread. Case in point: a shiny red sandal with eight bands of leather culminating at the ankle and a classic Mary Jane share the same simple, elegant gold heel.

These shoes are no less than wearable art, so it’s no surprise that they steal the show every time.

Now go Deee-lite in some more of Jerome C. Rousseau’s glam shoes on his Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out the image from this week's 2014 Shoes Engagement Calendar!

Jerome C. Rousseau doesn't have his own Pinterest account (if you're reading this, Mr. Rousseau, please start one!), but there are lots of his shoes featured on the site. Below are a few of the most fabulous.

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