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Fashion hounds know that many a stylish thing has come out of the Italian city of Milan. There’s Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and, of course, Giuseppe Zanotti, shoe designer extraordinaire and creator of the shoes in today’s page in the Shoes Gallery calendar.

Giuseppe wasn’t always on track to be a shoe designer. Before dipping his toes into the design world, he made a living as a DJ. His first stints in design were for modest local craftsmen. Then he worked his way up to become a freelance designer for Valentino, Dior, Ferré, and other esteemed houses of fashion. In the mid-90s, Giuseppe took charge of Vicini shoe factory—a small operation of 15 employees.

Just a couple of decades later, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes is an award-winning company with a staff of 350 that puts out over 400,000 pairs of high-end women’s shoes annually—plus men’s shoes, bags and other accessories. His dramatic footwear has been worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and … well, the list goes on. Clearly, his shoes are fit for the stars.

The 2014 Fall-Winter Line features a lot of black and gold. Beaded pumps. Black sandals with gold leaves winding their way from toe to ankle. Or, for the more gutsy girl, black sandals with a golden and bejeweled scorpion, its tail affixed to the toe band, and its menacing claws rising toward the ankle strap. The fauna theme continues with gold snakes, alligators, lobsters, fish bones—you name it, Giuseppe has made it work beautifully on a sandal.

While many designers dream up shoes for women only, Giuseppe creates for both sexes. In the men’s department, moccasins come with bold tassels, while sandals are black, strappy and timeless.

Giuseppe extends the haute couture to the world of sneakers, too. With bold colors and prints, more golden animal ornamentation and impeccable design, Giuseppe makes his mark with this line of walkable wear.

It’s Friday, so put on your loudest, hautest, Zanotti-esque party shoes and get out and about. First, though, check out some signature Zanotti’s:   

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