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Shoes - Ivanka Ska for House of Ska

While many fashion houses originate in Milan or Paris, House of Ska, featured in today’s Shoe Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar, holds the distinction of being the first based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Helmed by designer, stylist and producer Ivanka Ska, this house is comprised of the crème de la crème of the industry: some of the best designers, stylists, photographers, models and artists around.

Couture is not the only creative endeavor that Ivanka tends to. She also is the co-founder of St. Pete Art Beat, a grassroots collective of artists aiming to fill the Tampa Bay area with art, music and fashion. Ivanka’s love of art shines through in the company’s perhaps unofficial tagline: “Where Fashion is Art.”

Though the name of the firm obviously stems from Ivanka’s last name, the Bohemian reggae vibe it might conjure up is not entirely off base. Cases in point: free-flowing floral maxi dresses, funky screen-printed t-shirts and an uninhibited use of color.

A glance at Ska’s current shoe offerings will leave no doubt in your mind that her one-of-a-kind pumps are indeed art through and through. For ladies in search of a lift, look no further. All of the shoes in the current line boast a heel height of eight inches, and a platform of four inches. Most come with a strap, and we’ll go ahead and bet that this strap is a welcome safety measure for those less than 100-percent confident at such towering heights.

Ivanka Ska of House of Ska - Shoes Gallery CalendarThe Black Dahlia II, as the name suggests, are pure black, letting the height and memorable shape of the shoes speak for themselves. The graffiti line includes bold black-and-white and color prints—like the orange and pink pumps in the calendar—splashed across the shoe material in what might be best described as urban camo. Stand in these before a brick wall of graffiti, and your feet will be shrouded in invisibility!

The most ornate of these voluptuous pumps are the pair bearing the word “diva” or a single lady’s name in their title. The Virginia, for example, are adorned throughout in a base layer of pearl sequins, etched with meandering lines of gold sequins and bearing amorphous shapes of blue—lakes? flowers?—fashioned from, you guessed it, more sequins. The Stella shoes are rivers of purple. The Red Diva shoes resemble a rich brocaded tapestry flecked with gold circles and heeled in bright red.

If you invest in a pair of Skas, you may want to practice walking about the house first. Then prepare to have your feet ogled and admired. Of course, since the fashion at the House of Ska is one in the same with art, you might also display these gorgeous shoes on a pedestal in your home. We guarantee your friends—shoe lovers and art enthusiasts alike—will be impressed. 

House of Ska is featured in the Page-A-Day® Shoe Gallery Calendar:

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