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Today’s shoemaker in the spotlight is renowned shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. Shoemaking runs in the Weitzman family. His father, Seymour, established “Seymour Shoes,” a shoe factory in Massachusetts in the late 1950s. Stuart began designing for his father in his 20s. When his father died, Stuart took the helm of Seymour Shoes, and eventually renamed it simply “Stuart Weitzman.”

If you’re wondering why your pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges say “Made in Spain,” it’s because in the early ‘70s, Stuart sold the business to a Spanish company, while still continuing to design. Then, in 1994, Stuart bought back the business, but still makes his shoes in Spain.

Every year since 2002, Stuart has designed a special pair of “million dollar” shoes for an Oscar nominee to wear to the awards ceremony. If you’re not so lucky as to be an Oscar-nominated actress, you can purchase Stuart Weitzmans online or at many specialty and department stores in 70-plus countries.

So what makes a pair of Stuart Weitzmans so special? He’s known for incorporating unconventional materials into his shoe designs. Think cork, vinyl, Lucite—a transparent plastic—wallpaper and even 24-karat gold—how else would a pair of shoes become worthy of a “million dollar” designation? 

From classic pumps to calf-covering gladiator sandals, and thigh-high riding boots to postmodern platform sandals, Weitzman creates a full range of shoeware for women. He’s not afraid to use color either, and it shows with saucy reds, highlighter yellows, and, of course, leopard print. Stuart’s shoe designs manage to maintain classic elegance with modern twists. While most of these shoes may not exactly be made for walking—long distances anyway—they are stunning enough to make your feet stand out from the crowd.

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