Teatime at Downton Abbey: 2 Months to US Premiere of Downton Abbey, Season 5

Keep calm and pour a cup of tea. It is roughly two short months away from the premier of Downton Abbey Season 5. Unbelievable how time flies, and unreal how excited we are for the US premeire of our favorite British drama!

Afternoon teatime in the post-Edwardian Era, the historical period Downton Abbey is set, was intended to stave off hunger before dinner, and always provided a good time to catch up, gossip, and connect with others. An article from the blog Downton Abbey Cooks sums up teatime perfectly, "While the grand dining scenes at Downton provide opportunity for the Crawleys to showcase their status in society, tea is perfect for intimate conversations, scheming and such. Even below stairs, gathering for tea in the Servant’s Hall (or in private quarters) provides opportunity to talk about life, love, and politics. While you may summon a friend or two for tea with a topic in mind to discuss in confidence, you can simply just want to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy a scone or two."

The Shop at PBS has its own line of Downton Abbey tea, which is a fun gift or collectible for any fan of the show! There are several blends to choose from, including an Upstairs and Downtairs blend.

If you love the drama, beauty, and elegance of teatime, don't miss Page-A-Day's 2015 calendar The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar. Celebrate twenty years of the calendar that brings the delightful ritual of afternoon tea to every month with a vintage tea set and a spread of treats. Celebrate Halloween with a gothic 19th-century tea service inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Enjoy a rose-bedecked teapot that Empress Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, surely would have treasured. Accompanying the photographs are enticing tidbits of history and lore by Annabel Freyberg, writer for The World of Interiors. It’s a lovely tribute to teatime and the beautifully decorated teapots that are at its heart.

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