Read The Book that Inspired Cora Grantham’s Character on Downton Abbey

Page-A-Day digital code exampleAfter the New York Times published a piece about books Downton Abbey fans would enjoy, the creator of the hit PBS series responded with a letter to the editor

Julian Fellowes wrote, "In your very flattering article about books that might please fans of “Downton Abbey,” I was sorry that one title was missing: “To Marry an English Lord,” by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace."

The letter went on to read, "It occurred to me that while many people knew about the arrival of the heiresses, not much was known about what their lives then became, trapped as they were in a way of life that many of them would outlive."

To Marry an English Lord tells the stories of the American heiresses who invaded Brittania and swapped dollars for titles. For those who clamor for more when each episode of Downton Abbey ends, this book may be just what the doctor ordered.

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