The New Yorker Festival Starts Today

Attention New Yorkers, and all lovers of The New Yorker magazine and website!

The New Yorker Festival is starting today, October 10, 11, and 12! It is a thrilling festival that celebrates writing and wisdom, and honors the journalism that tracks our shifting society and culture.

The festival is packed with sessions and talks by famous thinkers including Stephen Sondheim, Adam Gopnik, Randy Newman, Susan Morrison,  Evan Goldberg, Seth Roden, and Andy Borowitz. In New York City tonight, Bill Hader will talk with Lizzie Widdiecombe about breaking character, and Lena Dunham will talk with Ariel Levy in a session aptly named, "Ask Lena." 

One particular session that will especially appeal to our fans at Page-A-Day is You, the Jury: Cats vs. Dogs. That's right... celebrities and contributors to The New Yorker will weigh in on which species will win the struggle for the title of best household pet. Here's the full description of this panel from The New Yorker Festival website: "ANTHONY LANE will lead a team in defense of felines. ADAM GOPNIK will lead a team in defense of canines. DAVID REMNICK, the judge, will preside. Supporting arguments and readings from JILL ABRAMSON, BILL BERLONI, JERRY COYNE, JESSE EISENBERG, MALCOLM GLADWELL, ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ, ANTHONY HUTCHERSON, ARIEL LEVY, and JOYCE CAROL OATES. Cats and dogs will take the stand. May the best domestic animal win."

For more details on the full festival schedule, you can browse the full schedule of events

The New Yorker Festival

What's special about The New Yorker? Big ideas and immersive coverage, according to this interview with Brian Lehrer and David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker (warning: Lehrer and Remnick both chime in with opposing views on the much-debated Oxford comma during this interview). The magazine has made a name for itself by publishing quality social and political commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry. It stokes intellectual thought and allows reporters to reach depth in their stories. It is a unique and widely popular magazine that makes people laugh, think, cry, and reconsider their views. 

The New Yorker Daily Cartoon

Cartoon from the Daily Cartoon Archives of The New Yorker.

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