The Precocious Pets of Workman Publishing

Pets = love. At Workman Publishing and Page-A-Day, we are obsessed with our precocious pets (and your pets, too!). From fluffy to sleek, from long-haired to hairless—and in one case, scaly—all our animals are charmers, even if they are, er, awkward.

Meet a few of our awkward, loveable pets:

Angela has a busy job in Workman's Inventory Planning and Control department. Her cat Roger is slightly less industrious, though quite driven to find just the right pool of sunlight on the carpet in which to nap.



June handles export sales for Workman Publishing, and her cat KitKat is totally ready, with super cool sunglasses, to hit the road and stowaway in Mom's luggage. Yes, KitKat would totally be a world traveler... but her bed is just so comfy!


Colleen is in our Art Department at Workman Publishing, and she takes awkward pets to a whole new level. Colleen wrote in, "You might not think fish could be awkward, but my 13-year-old (yes, that's right. 13 years!) Bichir, Emilio-the-Almost-An-Eel-io, proves that theory wrong. This picture is from the day he ate too much food and then got himself stuck in the Brooklyn Bridge." Poor Emilio!


"Paws crossed, as always." Breaking our company's awkward pet trend is this beautiful pup, Miss Molly, age 12. Kristina, who works with Workman's International Publishing team, writes that Molly is never awkward. What an elegant, seasoned gal Molly is!



Eileen works in the Royalty Department at Workman Publishing, and her dog, Kylie, works from home. These are pictures of Kylie working hard in her office. Oh wait, maybe she's hardly working. Kylie, you're a sweetie!


Randall works with our Online Retail Accounts team, and is the author of several Workman books. He is also the proud papa of two awkward cats. Randall's cats have a lot in common, but they have very different approaches to conflict.  One has a lion's approach and ferocious growl. The other has more of an ostrich technique. 


Sara's Corgi is sitting pretty in the garden and taking a break from romping. Sara is in Workman's Export Sales and International Marketing Department, and her pups are in the Entertainment Department in Sara's household.


Selina is on Workman Publishing's incredible publicity team. Selina knows just where to book her awkward, slightly spastic, pooch Sizzler's next tour stop—the pup's favorite spot in the whole house, curled up in a pile of her owners' shoes. Sounds comfy!


Moira's dog Zimme has a Mini Me! While Moira is busy in Workman's Marketing Department, Zimme is taking good care of his progeny at home. Big Zimme and Little Zimme are always waiting at the door for Mom to come home.

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