The Secret Tool of All Great Bosses: A Good Calendar

October 16th is Boss's Day, and this day is dedicated to all the great bosses out there.

If you have a great boss, let them know how highly you think of him or her today! If you are a great boss, give yourself a pat on the back. While all good leaders have their secrets to success, at the core of their abilities usually lies a fine-tuned system for staying organized.

Maybe that organization system includes a series of really good to-do lists made at the beginning of each week or each day. Perhaps it’s an incredibly efficient assistant who keeps them on top of their daily schedule. However, the secret behind every leader's abilities is a good calendar—a portable, easy-to-use calendar that can be towed from meeting to meeting and office to office, and used as a receptacle for every event, appointment and reminder.

This is where Page-A-Day® comes in with our line of engagement calendars to help bosses, employees, stay-at-home parents, artists, students, and everyone in between cross the line from average to great. Spiral-bound, these calendars couldn’t be easier to flip through, and also lay flat so you can comfortably write down all the details of the event you’re recording upon the pages. Here are a few of our favorite engagement calendars to buy for yourself or your boss.

2015 Downton Abbey Engagement Calendar2015 Audubon Engagement Calendar2015 Fashion Engagement Calendar2015 Shoes Engagement Calendar

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