The Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network Helps Cats Find Forever Homes

365 Cats and the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network URRKNTina LaBLanc founded the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network (URRKN) in 2011 in order to help cats get from shelters to permanent homes. Tina’s sad impetus for founding the organization was the disregard airlines had shown for her cats when traveling. On one trip, her cat Jack was missing for five days, and luckily was found and survived. On the next doomed airline trip, Jack was permanently lost.

The loss of Jack made Tina realize the importance of starting a transportation service for cats. Thanks to the URRKN, Georgina, the kitty featured in today’s 365 Cats Page-A-Day® calendar, is thrilled to be in a new home in Wisconsin where she can explore the land and climb on the fences.

Operated by a self-described group of “crazy cat people,” this non-profit organization helps transport individual cats from foster homes to forever homes. After a cat is rescued from a shelter, it must first live in a foster home to vet the cat and make sure it is in good enough health to be permanently adopted. That’s where the URRKN comes in. Comprised of numerous volunteers, the URRKN coordinates transportation for the cat from temporary foster care to permanent homes. 

If you want to sign up to become a Conductor for the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network and help transport cats from foster care to permanent homes, all you need is a driver’s license and vehicle insurance. You can download the necessary forms to sign up off their website and fax to 1-855-692-0007 or email to If you want to help support URRKN’s work, but aren’t able to volunteer as a Conductor, you can make a donation through their website. If you’re adopting a cat from a place afar and need assistance transporting your new pet to your home, URRKN can come to your assistance. On URRKN’s website, you can fill out and submit the necessary forms to request transportation. To check out some of the adorable kitties URRKN has transported, check out their Facebook page, and while you're at it, join the Facebook group! According to founder Tina, this is where all the action happens!

However you and your cat found each other, you can share your kitty's unique look and style by entering him or her into the Page-A-Day® Cat Photo Contest. Or, vote from this week’s cat contestants! Take a look at one of the July winners, Dusty, whose golden eyes and gray fur create quite the memorable look.

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