Typography Takes to the Big Screen

We use fonts every time we type up a document or design an invitation, but how often do we really thinking about the way the letters look on the page? Some people actually think about that a lot. Typographers think about fonts just about everyday, dreaming up and designing new looks for our alphabet. Some fonts even have diehard fans.

For example, Helvetica is the subject of a full-length 2007 documentary of the same name about typography, and specifically, about the storied font. Invented in 1957, Helvetica the font is still very popular today and considered by many to be the best font around.

Two years later, typography enjoyed another cinematic nod in the documentary Typeface, which actually covered broader subjects of design and technology.

Of course, Page-A-Day® also cares a good deal about fonts. That’s why we have the Just Type Page-A-Day® calendar, which will get you acquainted with the wonderful world of fonts out there.

Now, go forth and type—just make sure you choose the right font! 

Just Type - Typography CalendarJust Type - Typography Calendar

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