Three Things about Redbird Creator Barney Saltzberg

  1. Barney SaltzbergIn addition to writing amazing books, Barney Saltzberg also puts on Kids Koncerts! He's a fabulous performer — check out his work on his site and jam along to great albums like "Crazy Hair Day" and "Where, Oh, Where's My Underwear?"! 
  2. Barney Saltzberg works for the United States State Department as a part of the Cultural Exchange Program, and has traveled to China and Russia to speak.
  3. Barney Saltzberg wrote and illustrated Beautiful Oops!, which lead to the "Celebrate Oops!" program embraced by schools all over the country. Check out the fun video below!

Barney Saltzberg is the author of Redbird: Colors, Colors Everywhere, and Redbird: Friends Come in Different Sizes, as well as Beautiful Oops!Arlo Needs Glasses and many other engaging books for children. 

In Redbird: Colors, Colors Everywhere: Redbird tries to pick his favorite color—is it red like him, blue like the sky, or yellow like the sun? Finally, he concludes: Colors, colors, everywhere! It’s hard to really choose. . . . It’s hard to really know! And that’s the reason why I love . . . the colors of the rainbow!

In Redbird: Friends Come in Different Sizes, he introduces readers to all his delightful friends—some who are tall and some who are taller, and some who are small and some who are smaller. Friends can be SHORT. Friends can be LONG. Doesn’t matter what they look like . . . Friends all get along!


Redbird: Friends Come in Different Sizes  Redbird: Colors, Colors, Everywhere!  

Redbird - Barney Saltzberg StudioBeautiful Oops!



For more awesome stuff brought to you by Barney Saltzberg, like the photo above of Barney in his studio with Redbird, follow his "Doodles and Noodles" fan page on Facebook. 

A fun video about Beautiful Oops!:

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