#ThrowbackThursday: Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season Five is just around the corner (we began the three-month countdown just a few days ago!), but the real era in which the upcoming season takes place was long, long ago, during the Roaring ‘20s in England. This Thursday, we’re doing a throwback to the fashions that we anticipate the lovely ladies of Downton Abbey might wear in the new season. Their pre-'20s fashions are showcased in the Downton Abbey Page-A-Day® calendar.

While the show began in the World War I, Post-Edwardian Era, the cultural landscape around our favorite characters is changing next season—and with it, fashion is changing, too. Hemlines are rising, waistlines are descending toward the hips, and corsets are so 1918. Men’s outfits didn’t evolve quite so drastically. White collar workers still wore suits to the office, and for evening affairs.

So how will the new haute couture of the ‘20s affect the ladies of Downton Abbey?

Prim and proper, Mary, the eldest daughter, might not change her attire as quickly as the more daring ladies of the time. Perhaps she’ll entice her male counterparts with an ankle-bearing hemline of her skirt and a bit of beaded embroidery in her evening wear.

Lady Edith might complement her red hair with a crimson-beaded tulle gown to wear out and about. In a few years, maybe she’ll spring for a fashionable bob haircut, too. During the day, she might don a dress with a waist that sits below her navel rather than above, or is more flowing in flapper-style.

Sybil, the youngest of the Crawleys, will probably be rather eager to do away with the corsets that women previously were expected to wear. Why should women have to squeeze themselves into breath-restraining bodices, when men can be comfortable in suits? We bet her hemlines are heading north, too.

The older female generations of the Crawley family might be less apt to jump on the racy new fashions of the time. Perhaps they’ll shake things up with fur-lined winter coats in bolder hues, and cloche hats—al the rage at the time. A cloche hat, which means “bell” in French, is a bell-shaped hat that clung to the head.

You can throwback to Downton, too, since Halloween’s just around the corner. Dress up as one of your favorite Downton ladies as you suspect they’ll dress in Season Five, or just go as a sassy flapper across the pond in the U.S. 

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