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Treat Yo Self - Today is Going to Be a Great Day - Ariana Nicolay

In Season Four of the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation, two characters played by Aziz Ansari and Donna Meagle invite a friend who is suffering from a breakup to participate in their “Treat Yo’ Self” tradition: a day of spa treatments and shopping.

Their comical yet oh-so-wise advice gets artistic treatment from designer and illustrator Ariana Nicolay in the Today is Going to Be a Good Day Page-A-Day® calendar.

Ariana Nicolay ArtistOriginally from New England, Ariana began making art at a young age. Now she resides in San Francisco where she runs, reads the New York Times, watches the Red Sox and works in her studio.

When not making art about themes in hilarious TV shows, Ariana stays quite busy with many different lines of work. She’s provided vision to brands like Google, Restoration Hardware and Gap. She also makes the coolest wedding invitations you’ve ever seen. One features a musical record entitled “Squeezebox Love (A Celebration)” by bride/groom “Maria & Franz” against a vivid coral background with the details of the ceremony in faded white.

To sell, products need to pop and Ariana knows exactly how to do that with stylish, striking packaging. Whether it’s for extra virgin olive oil, perfume or a line of soaps and lotions, she makes you have to have the products she encases in her signature style.

One of our favorite pieces by Ariana is a t-shirt for the band The Debutante Hour. She illustrates three paper dolls dressed in single vintage form-fitting undergarments, standing with arms akimbo. To the right of each are paper outfits with the little tabs that you fold over the doll to make the outfit stay. This is the type of design that creates an ultra-memorable image with curious elements that keep your eyes locked and entertained for more than just a fleeting moment. In a world where we’re constantly inundated by marketing messages and images, that’s mighty impressive.

Through and through, Ariana’s work is consistently simple, clean and fun. Whether she’s drawing a narwhal or an onion, her imprint is clear. So per her (and Parks and Recreation’s) wise recommendation, go Treat Yo’ Self to a day at the spa, some shopping, ice cream or some more of Ariana’s work on Twitter or Pinterest.

Visit Ariana Nicolay's profile on Pinterest.

Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® and Wall Calendars:

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