Today is Going to Be a Great Day Artist Focus: John & Wendy

John & Wendy Today is Going to Be a Great Day CalendarWelcome to the universe of John & Wendy, where children, animals and regular old letters of the alphabet come in vibrant clever cartoons. These illustrators extraordinaire are the pens and pencils behind the little Parisian girl featured in the Today is Going to Be a Good Day Page-A-Day® calendar. Oh la la indeed! She has the sass and style of Eloise, and the distinctive look of John & Wendy’s drawings!

Cartoons and illustrations like these fill the pages of children’s books. Their versatile artwork has breathed brightly colored life into a whole range of books. They animated the Periwinkle Smith series in which a girl with periwinkle-colored hair goes on fun adventures. For a much younger audience, they’ve created captivating cartoons of adorable animals in board books like Mommy Loves Me.

Tweens and teens with unrequited crushes can surely commiserate with the sentiment that “Love Stinks” when they gaze upon John & Wendy’s drawing of Katie Kazoo Switcheroo leaning against a mountain of candy hearts with her arms crossed over her chest. They’ve illustrated every cover and all the inside drawings for all 46 of the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo series.

John & Wendy have also lent their artistic hands to the creation of fanciful puzzles, diaries, playing cards and stationery so kids can delight in their drawings during writing as well as reading.

When not illustrating for others, John & Wendy clearly love their pets—cats to be specific, which should come as no surprise since their website features a green-eyed black kitty in its upper left hand corner. In a section on their website called “pet projects,” cats implore the viewer to make eye contact with them and engage, while little birds sing and talk with one another. Want to see two giraffes kiss? They’ve drawn that, too.

John & Wendy’s children’s illustration work truly knows no bounds: they also have animation and website and blog design skills in their repertoire and it looks like photography will be an available service soon, too.

Oh la la, color us impressed--go check this dynamic duo out on Facebook!

Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® and Wall Calendars:

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