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Sometimes, you just need someone to say two magical words to you: Let Go! Skillfully scrawled across the page of today’s Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® calendar, “Let Go” means a lot of things. Put the kibosh on your grudges. Stop obsessing over worries and anxieties. Release your negative thoughts. Be free.

Katie Daisy, the pen behind this word art, knows a thing or two about being free. For one, she considers herself a professional daydreamer. When not daydreaming, she can be found drawing and illustrating. Katie’s passions in life provide a good idea of where she finds her inspiration: “songbirds, stargazing, love poems, hiking, mornings, and wandering the country.”

As a hopeless romantic, Katie is adept at bringing out the dreamer in all of us with her fanciful work. Her creations, which are sold on Etsy under the collection “The Wheatfield,” depict charming subjects like wildflowers in Mason jars, a colorful mountain cottage and a smiling seated pig. It’s truly a happy coincidence that Katie’s last name is Daisy—a name that accurately conveys the nature of her work. Flowers appear often and bright colors—like yellow—grace her paper canvas.

In watercolor and acrylic, she spreads her positive messages—or the uplifting quotes of others—using invigorating or calming hues, and swirling letters. Katie does more than aesthetic justice to the wise advice of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” Katie also pays tribute to the states, with an artistic rendition of the shape of various states behind phrases like, “I Love Oregon” or “Take me to MT.” 

If you want to spread Katie’s artwork and messages beyond a framed print on your wall, enjoy her cheerful vibe in a calendar, notebook or planner. Share the love and mail a friend a Katie Daisy card with a handwritten note inside to personalize the positive message.

Follow Katie's advice and let go of whatever plagues you today. Learn more on her Facebook page or Pinterest collection.

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