Today is Going to Be a Great Day Artist Focus: Lindsay Hopkins

Today is Going to be a Great Day, Lindsay Hopkins, Pen and PaintAs July comes to close, make these last couple of days of the month good ones—great ones, actually. Start by thinking back to your childhood—a time of carefree activities and fun. Did you love to play in the dirt? Were you and the family dog attached at the hip? Or, like Lindsay Hopkins, today’s featured artist, were your hands always occupied with crayons and fingerpaint?

Take a few minutes today to do something that made you ridiculously happy as a kid, and you may find that your day becomes pretty awesome. Lindsay did just that several years ago and now has Pen + Paint—her own art and stationery business—to show for it.

As a young girl, Lindsay was always drawing and coloring, or engaged in other creative projects. When she took an art history class in college, her passion for pens and paints became even stronger. While painting had always been a hobby, it became a profession when stepped into the role of stay-at-home mom after she had her first baby.

Lindsay, Pen and PaintLindsay began selling her work on Etsy, focusing on art fit for the walls of a nursery or children’s room. Her artwork evolved through many stages and today, she creates inspiring art prints, colorful stationery and hand-painted canvases using Faber Castell Pitt pens, Prismacolor markers and watercolor pens and acrylic paints.

Lindsay’s stationery features beautiful vibrant colors and self-affirming messages. One of our favorites is a card with a cluster of mountains embellished with almost psychedelic patterns and designs reminiscent of stained glass. The words, “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream,” fill the snow-capped peaks.

Pen and Paint, Lindsay - Today is Going to Be a Great DayPositive, simple and memorable messages like these are a theme throughout Lindsay’s work. “Happiness is handmade,” declares one card amidst a variety of arts and crafts materials like scissors and spools of thread. “Be Still & Know,” another card waxes wisely within a sea of colorful teardrops. “Don’t You Dare Give Up,” another card implores within a simple black-and-white design.

Lindsay’s artwork is perfect to give to a friend in need of some uplifting words, or about to embark on a challenge. The cards are so beautiful, you could also just frame them and hang them up where you need a little inspiration yourself—at your work desk, on your night table or even on the fridge.

You can check out Lindsay’s collection on Pinterest, and become an official Pen + Paints fan on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit Lindsay Hopkins's profile on Pinterest.

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