Today is Going to Be a Great Day Artist Focus: Stephanie Baxter

Let's Have Fun Today - Today is Going to Be a Great Day - Stephanie BaxterWondering what to do today? In today’s Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® calendar, Stephanie Baxter—aka Steph—suggests you have fun. Of course, that’s a subjective term. Fun to you might be playing outside, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or nestling up with a good read. To Steph, fun is drawing. Illustrating and hand-lettering, to be exact. She considers herself a “serial doodler.” A professional doodler, actually, whose illustrations and hand-lettering have breathed whimsy into greeting cards, posters, books and more.

Steph bases her studio for her business “The Happy Pencil” at her home in West Yorkshire, England. There, she makes magic from pen, paper and ink. Beyond her product line, she has exhibited her artwork in London and Los Angeles.

Many of her pieces resemble gorgeous chalkboard signs, or hand-stitched truisms. With a palette of pastels, a liberal use of curlicues and a pervasive presence of whimsy, Steph’s work is easy on the eyes and fun to browse through. In every phrase she captures in a card or poster, each word takes on its own character. The words flow between and engage with one another, while flourishes and doodles break up the verbiage—its like a party in a sentence!

One of our favorite creations from Steph is her line of hilarious anti-affirmation posters. “If at first you don’t succeed maybe just take a nap,” one declares. “When life gives you lemons … WTF who likes lemons?” asks another.

In another series, Steph unleashes her artisan alphabet on food. Lemons, oranges and bananas literally become vessels for her signature handcrafted lettering describing the fruit and the nutritional content within.

A surefire way to have fun today is to play with your food! Steph has a whole collection of works that do just that. She embellishes citrus, bananas and other fruits with handwritten labels, characteristics and nutritional facts (like “high in fiber”) to create one-of-a-kind edible works of art. 

The fanciful style and colors Steph uses also lend themselves perfectly to children’s illustration. She has created a unique drawing for each letter in the alphabet. In Steph’s world, A stands for acorn and Q stands for Queen Bee.

Steph’s work is available on Etsy, and you can also check her out on Facebook or Twitter. We hope today is a good day, and it will be if, in Steph’s words “Happy Days are Here to Stay!” 

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