Bad Cat Videos: Top 5 Bad Cats

Cats can be cute—adorable even. They can also be curious, funny or loving. Sometimes, cats are mischievous, too. However, every now and then, cats are bad—really bad.

Cute cat videos are a dime a dozen. Bad Cats refuse to blend in. Peruse the Top 5 Bad Cats Videos we found online! Here are the foul, but fetching, felines:

1. Screaming Banshee Cat

This is perhaps the scariest cat video we have ever seen—perhaps that’s why this kitty in a cage. As the videographer approaches, the cat reveals that it’s basically the devil incarnate through a bone-chilling scream and some rattlesnake-style hissing. We’ll stay away from this troubled tabby!


2. The Biter

Are these loving nibbles or malicious bites? Watch the video for yourself, but we’d keep our hands away regardless.


3. Cat Fight

Hunched backs, puffy tails and batting paws. Yup, it’s a good, old-fashioned cat fight. Several different kitties face off while sounding intimidating battle meows and hissing away.


4. Gato vs. Gato

Two cats face off in what almost seems a staged WWE battle. The tousle begins with a prolonged verbal face-off. Then they tackle one another to the ground, where they alternate between just lying there and wagging their tails and rolling around. These are either a couple of really bad cats, or really good feline actors.


5. Noooo!

Okay, this isn’t so much a bad cat, as it is a cat that just refuses to cooperate. As soon as its owner begins to carry it toward the bath, the cat begins screaming, “no!” and continues its human-like cries as its owner works its fur into a lather.


If you have a bad cat that just refuses to cozy up to you. For more in naughty kitties, check out the Bad Cats Page-A-Day® calendar, the wall calendar, or the mini calendar.

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