Upcycled Paper Craft Ring Vase

The colorful (or black-and-white) pages from your Page-A-Day® calendars are so well-designed that you may want to transform and keep them, even after the calendar year is over. This "Ring Around the Rosy Vase" is featured in Paper Made: 101 Exceptional Projects to Make Out of Everyday Paper.

One of the best techniques for turning humble materials into something spectacular is through the use of repetition. One rolled strip of a calendar page isn’t so special but dozens, stacked up to cover a simple glass vessel, make it spectacular. This is one of those aha! projects: People won’t be able to tell what this vase is made from at first, but their oohs and ahhs will only increase when they discover the secret!

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What you need:

  • Pages from last year's Page-A-Day® Calendar
  • Craft knife and self-healing cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Round implements of different sizes for rolling (a pencil, thin marker, and wide marker work well)
  • Small brush
  • White glue
  • Decoupage medium
  • Pencil
  • Glass jar (clean peanut butter or jelly jars from the recycling bin work well)
  • Noncorrugated cardboard circle (at least 1" wider than the circumference of the jar)


1) Gather a handful of Page-A-Day calendar sheets. Use the craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat to cut 1⁄4" strips down the length of the calendar pages. Cut about 600 strips in total. Note: If cutting gets tedious, continue with steps 2 and 3 for a spell and then return to step 1.

Upcycled Paper Craft Vase

2) Select a paper strip and choose a cylindrical object to use as a rolling instrument. Starting at one end of the paper strip, roll the paper around the object once, then brush some glue on the next section of the strip and roll again. Continue rolling, adding glue at each rotation, until you reach the end of the paper strip.

Upcycled Paper Craft Vase

3) Dab glue at the end of the strip to seal the coil. Optional: To make a thicker roll, once you reach the end of a strip, attach another calendar strip there and roll it around the first. Repeat for an even thicker roll.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the remaining strips and various rolling instruments to create coils of different sizes. Then, brush each roll with decoupage medium and set them aside to dry.

5) Use the pencil to trace the bottom of the jar onto the cardboard, add 1" to the diameter, and use the craft knife to cut it out. Then measure and cut a calendar page in a circle 2" larger in diameter than the base.

Upcycled Paper Craft Vase

6) Brush one side of the cardboard circle with white glue and center and press it facedown onto the calendar page circle. Use the craft knife to cut slits 1" apart from the edge of the calendar page circle to the edge of the cardboard circle.

Upcycled Paper Craft Vase

7) Brush the edges of the calendar pages with glue and wrap each 1" tab around the edge of the cardboard circle.

8) Brush glue along the outer edge of the circle and attach a row of paper coils around the base. Vary the size of the coils, making sure that the edges of each coil touch the next.

Upcycled Paper Craft Vase

9) Continue to glue the paper coils, stacking them in uneven rows. Every three rows, brush the inside and outside of the coils with decoupage medium and let dry. Leave more space between the coils as the rows stack higher.

10)  Check the height of the vase by placing the jar inside it. Add paper coils until they rise about 1" above the glass jar.

Upcycled Paper Craft Vase


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