Weekend Fun for Puzzle Lovers — Sudoku

July 19th Sudoku Puzzle from Page-A-DayAny Sudoku experts out there? At Page-A-Day® we're gathering tips to help our fans solve the challenging puzzles in our Page-A-Day Sudoku Notepad!

We went right to the source, and checked out the expert blogs to gather these five tips for Sudoku puzzlers. 

  1. If you use the process of elimination, pencil in all the possible candidates for each cell, row, column, and region. Check out the great tips for using this method on the Sudoku Essentials web site
  2. Use the sum elimination strategy. Add up all the ways you can get to the necessary sum of 45 for each row and column, and figure out the best way to work the puzzle that way. More great information on the Killer Sudoku Online web site!
  3. Use the "Usual Suspects" strategy. This is a great strategy for beginners to simplify the puzzle, and is explained on the web site

What are your tips for beginners just getting into the game of Sudoku? Share them in the comments on this blog post!

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