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Sudoku Puzzle Pad - Page-A-Day

Solving a sudoku puzzle offers a great solo challenge. It's just you vs. the puzzle for however long it take you to solve the Sudoku grid at hand! Except, that is, for when you need some help. When you get stuck, online forums and blogs from fellow Sudoku enthusiasts can be a great place to turn.

We've assembled some of our favorite tips for the game to help you solve the puzzles in the Sudoku Page-A-Day® Notepad and Calendar.

  • Move it Along! “Sudoku rewards the 'roving eye,'” so don't park your gaze in one little quadrant. Let your eyes migrate around the grid to scan for new solutions throughout. (From
  • Harvest “Low-Hanging Fruit.” You've probably heard that phrase before with regards to saving money or tackling a problem in stages, but it applies to Sudoku, too. A big empty grid with lots of white space can be an intimidating sight. Take a deep breath, and start by filling in the easy stuff. That puzzle will look a lot less menacing with a few more digits filled in. (From
  • Search for the Inevitable. Look for the only choice possible. In certain puzzles, there's only one square where a number can possibly fit. Look carefully to find opportunities where a 7 can literally only go in one cell in the row, like in this example. (From Sudoku Essentials
  • Warm-Up. While jumping jacks might help you get your puzzle-solving juices flowing, we're really talking about knocking out a few super easy puzzles before you tackle a hard one. This will help you recall your puzzle-solving skills, and build up your confidence for the real deal.

Got any tips of your own for solving Sudoku? Share them in the comments section on this blog post!

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The Big Book of  Visual Sudoku

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