What Are You Wearing on New Year’s Eve?

Don't settle for a boring outfit or just the same old thing on New Year's Eve. We’ve been flipping through our fashion calendar, our shoes calendar, and our jewelry calendar to find some fabulous fashion inspiration for saying goodbye to 2014, and hello to 2015.

Here are 5 tips and ideas for making your New Year’s Eve outfit one for the ages:

1. Be a Human Disco Ball

New Year’s is one of the only occasions where it’s totally acceptable to go way over the top with shimmering, shining dresses and skirts adorned with glitter, sequins and gems for days. If you’ve been dying to rock this look, tonight is your night.

2015 Shoes Calendar2. The Little Black Dress with Fantastic Shoes

You can never go wrong with the little black cocktail dress: classic, easy, gorgeous. Make things a little more exciting for the occasion by busting out the shoes you never wear. You know—the ones with mile high heels, flashy colors or sassy design.

3. Leather and Velvet, Oh My

This is the perfect opportunity to wear unconventional fabrics that you might normally shy away from. Got a cute leather blazer or dress? How about some leather pants or a leather skirt? Word to the wise: keep it to one unconventional fabric. Leather and velvet combined might be a little much.

4. Go for the Gold (or Silver)

In keeping with the human disco ball advice, metallic colors are the way to go tonight. They scream celebration, and will be lovely accents to your glass of Champagne. We aren’t just talking about gold or silver jewelry either—gold heels, a silver dress, or a gold blouse are all acceptable.

5. Go Big or Go Home

Well, don’t go home (at least not before midnight). But go big—with your hair, jewelry, pumps—whatever you want! Just balance it out by going big with 1-2 elements of your outfit, instead of getting crazy with the whole thing.

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