What to Do with the Last Hours of 2014 Vacation

Last hours of vacationIt's Sunday afternoon and for many Americans, holiday vacation is coming to a close (though this year, quite a few people are off until well into January—huzzah to you if January 5th is your next day in the office!).

Don't fall victim to the all-too-common scenario in which you get a little bored and antsy in the last hours of vacation and log in to your work email to get a few things done before you get back to the office. Don't do it! Squeeze every ounce of relaxation out of your time away.

What to do with the last precious hours of down time before the daily grind gets into full swing next week? We've got some suggestions:

  1. Spend quality time with your pets: Take a long walk with your dog, or put on an old movie while you rack up some nice tummy-scratch hours with your cat. Try out the new treats or toys that Santa Paws left in your pet's stocking. 
  2. Play games or do some puzzles: Have some fun with words or numbers—pick up a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, or tease your brain with a brain teaser. 
  3. Find some inspiration: There's inspiration everywhere, from your backyard garden to the spiritual sermons and songs of the season to the culinary masterpieces you can create in your kitchen. Let the inspiration flow through you to recharge your batteries.
  4. Enjoy classic artwork (or make some of your own): Make a trip to your local museum or browse the web to find fine art that speaks to you. If you're really feeling artsy, take out a pen and paper or dust off your paints and bring your own masterpieces to life. 
  5. Read a great book: This is the time to finish the book you started in September, or start a new one and log some serious reading hours. Find one you can read in a single sitting, and one that you can come back to again and again to escape to a far away land. 
  6. Get folding with origami and paper crafts: If you're a hands-on creative person, try paper crafts this season. We've got some terrific paper craft projects up on our blog, or you can go a more traditional route with simple and fun origami paper folding. 
  7. Head to your local watering hole: Sometimes you've got to get out, and the local pub or bar is a great destination to hang out with friends over drinks. You can play trivia, play cards, or just enjoy a great microbrew. 
  8. Take a quick trip: Explore the country or the world, and live spontaneously! Book a quick trip to a place you've never been before and discover the local treasures. 
  9. Go shopping: Especially if you cashed in on gift cards during the holidays, get up, get dressed, and get to the mall! You can find fashionable shoes, hot jewelry, a gorgeous new purse, and some great after-Christmas deals!
  10. Choose your 2015 calendar: Surprise! This blog post was actually sort of a quiz, like your middle-school guidance counselor asking what you would do for fun if you didn't have to work. Which end-of-vacation activity did you relate to most? Match your top choices with your ideal 2015 calendar. Browse the options below, or check out all the options in our store.  

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