Wildlife Conservation Day

It's Wildlife Conservation Day! Today is a day nationally recognized as a day to help animals all over the world. This special day exists to bring attention to the wildlife that desperately needs our intervention in various parts of the world, not just in our own backyards. From the elephants of Africa to the tigers of Siberia, and even the birds of America need our help to thrive. (Tiger photo from

National Wildlife Conservation Day

Wildlife Conservation Day is about more than just saving large endangered animals like elephants, rhinos, and Amur Leopards in the wilds of Africa, it is also about helping park rangers, local communities that depend on wildlife for tourism, and preventing black market trade of wildlife.

Even Secreatary of State Hillary Clinton is joining the efforts to observe this day and make a difference for endangered animals! The WWF, World Wildlife Federation, and other organizations like the National Audubon Society decidate their missions to saving endangered species. 

Audubon - 2015 Birds Gallery CalendarThere are over 25 endangered birds on Audubon’s endangered species list, as well as 11 bird species that are currently threatened to be endangered if great care isn’t taken to preserve the species. (Photograph of Rainbow Lorikeet from Birds Gallery Calendar 2015. Note: these Rainbow Lorikeets are actually not endangered, but several species of Lorikeets are endangered or vulnerable.)

Take the Wildlife Conservation Pledge or donate to the conservation organization of your choice, like Audubon, today to help save animals all over the country and make this National Wildlife Conservation Day count.

By supporting Audubon, you give threatened and endangered birds a chance to thrive again, a better chance at being protected. Donating to Audubon has never been more simple. Check out their lovely gift guide for the 2014 holiday season and get a gift for a loved one, while supporting Audubon at the same time!

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