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It's World Cat Day! Wait, what is World Cat Day?

Gawker says it's, "when we celebrate the neurological/emotional deficiencies that have led us to make decades-long commitments to the feeding and care of irrational predatory sociopaths!"

I Can Haz Cheezburger reports, "According to cats, every day should be about celebrating cats..."

Eonline admits, "We're not sure why there is an official World Cat Day because every damn day is a celebration of our feline rulers. The Internet is basically an ode to their existence, which is pretty much the only reason we can tolerate the online world."

And here at Page-A-Day® we are celebrating this adorably cute marketing holiday with Workman's terrific cat books, cat calendars, and this cat video!

All I Need to Know I Learned From My CatBad Cat - World Cat DayCat - World Cat Day

Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar

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