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Pocket Pigs Mini Wall Calendar 2016

Mini pigs in a mini calendar: Now that's a perfect—and unbelievably cute—fit. Starring the popular porcine residents of England's Pennywell Farm, Pocket Pigs Mini Calendar packs oodles of charm into a compact 7” x 7” format. Here are a dozen full-color photographs, accompanied by sweet captions that heighten the adorability.…

Keep Calm and Carry On Mini Wall Calendar 2016

…compact 7” x 7” mini calendar format. Each month, the Keep Calm and Carry On Mini Calendar delivers a morale-boosting quote, motto, or slogan printed in the bold, powerful style of the iconic poster. It's gumption with every glance.

Unlikely Friendships Mini Wall Calendar 2018

…piglets, the Unlikely Friendships Mini Calendar features a year of heartwarming bonds between species—fittingly, in an equally cute format. With 12 full-color photos and accompanying stories about the featured friends, it’s a testament to the power of love and camaraderie in the animal kingdom. Stick the perfectly sized mini calendar…

Bad Cat Mini Wall Calendar 2016

…book, the Bad Cat Mini Calendar delivers twelve months of pure naughtiness—in shocking full color—to your fridge, locker, or cubicle. Bad-tempered, badly groomed, filled with contempt for the hapless humans who feed them (and not afraid to show it), these felines have gone rogue. And you won't be able to…

Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! Mini Wall Calendar 2018

…Be a Great Day! Mini Calendar features vibrant illustrations and motivational phrases designed to conjure happiness and optimism every day—a beautiful and whimsical piece of art to brighten your space. In a fits-anywhere 7” x 7” format.

Unlikely Friendships Mini Wall Calendar 2016

…bestselling series, Unlikely Friendships Mini Calendar delivers a dozen portraits of true affection in a compact 7” x 7” format. A dog and a tiger cub. A giraffe and a goat. And a house cat whose caring ways help an injured hen recover. Each month's full-color photograph captures the featured…

Bad Cat Mini Wall Calendar 2018

…really bad. Bad Cat Mini Calendar gives an extra shot of deviousness to any cubicle, locker, or fridge. Here are cats coveting martinis, cats deputizing rag dolls, cats faking multiple-personality disorder for personal gain, and cats unspooling entire rolls of paper towels in unbroken ribbons. Plus spooky cats, secretive cats,…

Cute Overload Mini Wall Calendar 2016

…it's cute.” And in mini size—because even calendars are cuter when they're small.

Shoes Mini Wall Calendar 2018

Big style inspiration in a mini format. The Shoes Mini Calendar is the right fit for hanging by your desk, in your locker, or on your closet door. Highlighting new and vintage styles, including unexpectedly glamorous saddle shoes with gold plating and a 90s-style floral trim. Disco-inspired platform heels that…

Bad Cat Mini Wall Calendar 2017

…bestselling book, BAD CAT MINI CALENDAR brings mayhem to any cubicle, locker, or fridge. Here are cats caught red-pawed plotting the demise of fellow household pets. Cats in inappropriate relationships with stuffed monkeys. Cats overdosing on catnip. Plus overfed cats, high-maintenance cats, duplicitous cats, and other cats gone rogue. Pet…

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