Animals & Pets




Animals & Pets: Why We Love Them

Calendars for cat lovers (365 CatsBad Cat, 365 Kittens-A-Year and Cat Gallery Calendar). Calendars for dog people (365 Puppies-A-Year, Dog365 Dogs). Calendars for birders (Audubon Songbirds, BirdsBirds of Paradise). Calendars that showcase the poignancy of animal relationships (Unlikely Friendships, Unlikely Friendships Mini), a calendar that celebrates the unique charm of baby sloths (Hangin’ with Sloths), a calendar featuring the cutest little piggies you’ve ever seen (The Pocket Pigs of Pennywell Farm). A calendar showcasing an artist’s whimsical and brilliant portraits of fashionably dressed animals (Zoo Portraits).

Workman offers a lively collection of titles starring our furry, feathered, and four-legged friends, each one capturing the beauty and spirit of its subjects with soulful photographs and enchanting text. Browse our online store to discover why Workman’s calendars for animal lovers are some of the best and bestselling in the business.