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Games, Puzzles & Words: Something for Everyone

Wake up your brain with a daily riddle. Fold a lively origami menagerie. Spice up your vocabulary with a new word every day. We publish calendars for brainiacs, puzzle lovers, and anyone who craves a daily dose of hands-on entertainment.

Whether your passion is paper folding (Origami Page-A-Day Calendar), wordplay (Mensa® 10-Minute Crossword Puzzles, 365 New Words), puzzles and brainteasers (The Original Sudoku, Mensa® 365 Brain Puzzlers) or trivia (Nerd Trivia, Who Said That?), Workman has the perfect interactive accessory for your desktop or wall.

Combining ingenious formats with the most authoritative authorship—from Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society, to Merriam-Webster, the masters of words and language, to Nikoli, the company that rediscovered Sudoku, these calendars are designed for pure fun.