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Wake up your brain with a daily riddle. Fold a lively origami menagerie. Spice up your vocabulary with a new word every day. We publish calendars for brainiacs, puzzle lovers, and anyone who craves a daily dose of hands-on entertainment.

Whether your passion is paper folding (Origami Page-A-Day Calendar), wordplay (Mensa® 10-Minute Crossword Puzzles365 Spanish Words, 365 French Words, 365 New Words, 365 Big Word Puzzles), Sudoku (Sudoku Notepad, The Original Sudoku), or riddles and brainteasers (Amazing Mind Benders, Mensa® 365 Brain Puzzlers), Workman has the perfect interactive accessory for your desktop or wall. The Book of Questions Calendar explores a diversity of subjects and offers more than 300 questions exploring such issues as modern love, online privacy, parenting, and more. 

Combining the most authoritative authorship—from Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society, to the masters of words and language Merriam-Webster, to Nikoli, the company that rediscovered Sudoku—with ingenious formats, these calendars are designed for pure fun.