365 New Words Notepad + Calendar 2017

365 New Words Notepad + Calendar 2017

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By Merriam-Webster

Page-A-Day Calendar - Games, Puzzles & Trivia

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365 New Words Notepad + Calendar 2017

It’s the ultimate office accessory: organization for your day, every day, plus a smart new word to enhance your vocabulary. From the language experts at Merriam-Webster—America’s most loved and most respected dictionary—365 New Words Notepad + Calendar combines a practical notepad, a mouse pad, and hundreds of great-to-know words. Each detailed entry includes orthography and pronunciation guide, definition, word history, miscellany, and an apposite sample sentence. For readers, students, and writers, it’s a daily language boost.

Published By: Workman Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780761188230
Retail Price: $14.99

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