Coffee Time

Coffee Time

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By Helene Hovanec; Patrick Merrell

Games, Puzzles & Trivia


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Coffee Time

Who better to challenge with a book of puzzles and brainteasers than the caffeine-buzzed java drinkers of the world? Helene Hovanec and Patrick Merrell, puzzleworld celebrities and collectors of coffee trivia, have compiled more than 40 crossword puzzles, word searches, graphic mazes, and Sudoku to solve alongside a good, strong cup of joe.*

Quirky trivia, fun factoids, and quotations from famous coffee imbibers engage readers between puzzles. From botanical facts about coffee trees to consumption statistics about today's coffee-obsessed world, there's enough information to make a coffee connoisseur of every reader. Puzzles, trivia, and coffee quips — a piquant blend of rich, coffee flavor for the latte-addicted among us.

* There is some disagreement over the origin of the term "cup of joe." Many think it originated with Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, who abolished wine from his officers' meals, leaving them with nothing stronger than coffee. Others think it may have begun as a mispronunciation of the French word, "chaud," which means hot and rhymes with joe.

Published By: Storey Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781580176835
Retail Price: $8.95

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