Horses & Friends Poster Book

Horses & Friends Poster Book

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By Bob Langrish

Animals & Pets


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Horses & Friends Poster Book

Horses are happiest when they have friends. The famous Seabiscuit, for example, liked to pal around with a Montana cow pony named Pumpkin, a little dog named Pocatell, and a spider monkey named JoJo. In fact, for centuries, horse-behavior experts have known that animal companionship is the best way to soothe an unhappy or agitated horse. And animal friends not only keep a horse calm and healthy, such friendships can even help out-of-sorts racehorses and sport horses perform better.

Now Horses & Friends Poster Book offers 30 irresistible poster-size photos of some of the happiest friendships in the animal kingdom. Horses with ponies. Horses with miniature donkeys. Horses with goats. Horses with dogs. Horses with cats. Even horses with chickens and ducks.

Like The Horse Breeds Poster Book and the Dream Horses poster book, the photographs are the stars in Horses & Friends. All 30 candid photos are in glorious full-color. They capture horses and their animal companions in one-of-a-kind moments that are sweet, funny, and tender. These are pictures even the casual horse lover will find impossible to resist. And as for horse-crazy kids, they won't let the Horses & Friends book out of their hands.

And then there's the size of the pictures: at 9 1/2" x 12", kids can pull out the posters and cover an entire wall of their bedroom with these gorgeous pictures.

There's never been anything like the Horses & Friends poster book.

Published By: Storey Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781580175807
Retail Price: $10.95

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