How to Grill

How to Grill

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By Steven Raichlen


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How to Grill

"Without a doubt the most interesting, comprehensive, and well-thought-out book on grilling ever and it's destined to be in the kitchens and backyards of both professionals and home cooks. Every detail is made clear and easy in a concise and inspirational way. Spark it up!" —Mario Batali, Molto Mario (The Food Network), Mario Batali's Simple Italian Food

"The definitive how-to guide for anyone passionate about grilling, from the newest beginner to the most sophisticated chef." —Tom Colicchio, Think like a Chef

Master the techniques that make barbecue great with this indispensable show-and-tell by Steven Raichlen. Using more than 1,000 full-color, step-by-step photographs, How to Grill covers it all, from how to build an ingenious three-zone fire to the secrets of grilling a porterhouse, prime rib, fish steak, kebab, or chicken breast. Plus the perfect burger. Includes 100 recipes — one to illustrate each technique — with memorably delicious results!

Published By: Workman Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780761120148
Retail Price: $22.95

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