The Horse Breeds Poster Book

The Horse Breeds Poster Book

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By Bob Langrish

Animals & Pets


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The Horse Breeds Poster Book

For young horse lovers who can't get enough pictures of horses and ponies, we've created The Horse Breeds Poster Book, a gorgeous gallery of 30 pull-out horse posters, enough posters to wallpaper a kid's room. Young riders love pictures of adorable foals, big draft horses, sleek race horses, and tiny ponies and that's what this book delivers.

For this special collection, international horse photographer Bob Langrish has chosen his most kid-appealing images. On the back of each poster is a panel that describes the particular breed shown: where it comes from, what it's good at, how it likes to be handled, and a lot more. Fun facts will turn readers into experts. They'll learn, for instance, that little Shetland ponies are, pound for pound, the strongest horses of all. And that Belgian draft horses once carried knights into battle. And that Quarter Horses can outrace Thoroughbreds over short distances.

We're confident this book will be a hit with kids. Why? Because we called in young horse lovers to serve as consultants on this project. While the official target age for this book is 8 to 12, the subject and the beauty of the photographs will draw in younger and older horse lovers as well. A glossary defines horsey terms in language kids can understand, making The Horse Breeds Poster Book informative as well as beautiful.

Published By: Storey Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781580175074
Retail Price: $10.95

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