What’s That Bird?

What’s That Bird?

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By Joseph Choiniere; Claire Mowbray Golding

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What’s That Bird?

Nearly one in five Americans is a birder. Many more would like to learn how to identify the common birds seen in their backyards. But the traditional field guides, packed with lots of detail and technical jargon, appear inaccessible to the uninitiated. What is a beginning birder to do?

What's That Bird? offers a unique combination of ID guidance along with general information basic to becoming a birdwatcher, making it the perfect tool for beginning enthusiasts. Intended as a book for adults and children to share, the design and text are engaging and accessible to all ages.

Detailed profiles of 30 common North American birds, featuring family information, silhouette, habitat, call, size, and general description, make it easy to become a master at identifying backyard birds. The "Also Meet" section introduces an additional 30 birds, usually a regional variation or another member of the family, further expanding one's bird repertoire.

In a separate section, first-time birdwatchers learn how birds eat, communicate, and even breathe. They also learn the best ways to observe birds, techniques for keeping a bird journal, and how to protect endangered birds. And family-friendly projects, such as building a nesting platform, a bird arbor, and a nesting box, enhance the birding experience.

The book contains more than 120 fullcolor photographs by noted bird photographer Tom Vezo, along with full-color illustrations and easy-reference charts. With interest in birdwatching on the rise, this is an invaluable introductory tool for educators, parents, and children alike.

Published By: Storey Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781580175548
Retail Price: $14.95

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