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10 Famous Dogs on Instagram: Rescue Dogs

Thu, 08 Aug 2019 - Animals & pets

Here at Page-A-Day, we are dog people. We love the furry ones even when they shed, the curly ones even when they tangle, and the silly ones—especially when they chase their tails and make us laugh. Collectively, our staff probably spends at least five hours a day gawking at famous dogs on Instagram and sharing the cutest pictures with our followers. 

But we have to be honest, of all the different dogs out there, we have a major soft spot for rescue dogs. Their owners help them, but they help their owners more than we can ever imagine. And the stories of some rescue puppies are truly incredible.

So without further ado, here are our 10 favorite rescue dogs who are reigning #adoptdontshop Instagram kings and queens.

1. Bruno Mars the Chihuahua @brunomarsthechi

We are heartbroken to share the news that Bruno passed in September 2019. Rest in peace, Bruno, and thank you for all the love and charm you brought to the world.

We can't help but have a huge smile when we look at Bruno Mars (whose namesake we've also featured for his love of dogs). That tongue, those eyes, that teeny tiny little chihuahua bod . . . we have to take breaks looking through his photos. He's just too cute. Oh, and if you're interested, Bruno Mars will make a video for you (or someone you love) for $10 here.

3. The Shark and Kraken @thevelvetburritos

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Mila’s naughty monkey eyes and tight anxiety smile are a *very* good indicator that she is tired of this game called “stay,” and she is two seconds away from launching herself off of the table to shark-attack the treat right out of my hand. 😂🦈 We work on their self control and basic cues in the yard pretty much every day. Especially if it’s extremely hot and long walks aren’t an option. It helps tire them out mentally and physically since I have them gallop back and fourth across the yard in short bursts for target training. Auggie’s attention span is shorter than Mila’s and he usually wants to go off and eat dirt after a few sessions, but practicing tricks for treats is probably Mila’s most favorite thing on the planet. I think if he had his say, he would be out hunting cats all day. He doesn’t even always pee on walks - he just does his business in my yard all at once, and then uses his walks for pure anti-feline Pinniped Patrol. You can even tell by the way he walks: low to the ground like a panther, with his head rotating all around, searching for prey. It’s ridiculous. Walks for Mila are a permanent Dog Show ™️(@pudgethepit). She likes to show off her body to the world in a proud Pinniped Power Stance, and of course also look for cats. 😑 What do you do with your pups to keep them entertained? #TheSharkAndTheKraken #AdoptTheCropped
A post shared by Emma, Mila of Troy, & Augustus (@thevelvetburritos) on

Augustus Phocidicis Louisianus III and Mila of Troy (also lovingly referred to as the velvet burritos) are two rescue pittbulls from New Orleans, Louisiana. Mila can get a little jealous over toys, but their owners detail (in really fun language, by the way) their journey toward living as a family harmoniously. Proof that all families have their differences, but with a little love, can learn to get along. 

4. Bethanee Hamilton @pardonthyfrench

Bethanee is a sweet angel and a tripod French bulldog in Portland, Oregon. Her story is truly incredible. She was found abandoned on the side of the road in the outskirts of Portland. Taken into a shelter, she flatlined during a spaying procedure . . . then came back to life. It was found shortly after that her leg had a cancerous mass, and would have to be removed. Bethanee lived through it all, and was adopted by a graphic designer named Lindsay who took Bethanee everywhere, and started her Instagram to document her recovery. She became famous, being featured on HuffPost, Good Morning America, and Men's Health.

Now, Bethanee and Lindsay's causes have grown to advocating for the adoption of special needs animals through the Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue and Misfits of IG. Check out her website here

5. Salvador Dolly aka Mustache Puppy @heartsandbonesrescue

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#MustachePuppy has a name 〰️ meet Salvador Dolly! Wanna help us save more dogs like her? We need FOSTERS in both #NYC and #Dallas to care for our pups before adoption! We were only able to save Dolly and her family because we had a foster to take them in - the more people we have ready to open their hearts and homes to a dog in need, the more we can save! If you can foster anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, we need YOU. Plus you get to just cuddle and stare at an adorable dog without a long term commitment, so like, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Fill out our foster application now at and you could help save the life of a dog like Dolly 🖤 . . #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #puppyeyes #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #puppyoftheday #dailypuppy #pupstagram #instapuppy #cutepuppy #puppies #dogsofig #foster #fosterdog #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #buzzfeedanimals #cute #dogoftheday #dailydog #doggo #pupper #adopt #dailydog #mutt #muttsofinstagram #mustache
A post shared by Hearts & Bones Rescue (@heartsandbonesrescue) on

Salvador Dolly, aka Mustache Puppy is part of a litter fostered out by Hearts and Bones Rescue. Salvador Dolly is still too young to go to her forever home quite yet, but has an overwhelming number of applicants who want to adopt! We can't blame them--look at that 'stache! P.S. - If you want to look at Salvador Dolly every day, you can get some merch with her face on it and help Hearts and Bones here.

6. Fiorella the Iggy @fiorellatheiggy (and her brother Arlo @squishbanana_arlo)

Fiorella is a fabulous Italian Greyhound rescue, living in Adelaide, South Australia with her brother Arlo. She was used for 5.5 years as a breeding dog for a puppy mill. She was overweight, sick, and afraid of humans when her current owner adopted her. Now she lives a happy, healthy life with her loving family! We're not crying, you're crying.

7. Wally @wallysrescuedlife

Wally looks like a baby puppy but is actually an 11-year-old senior! She's believed to be a mini poodle breed, but her owner is not totally sure. Wally was fostered in 2016. She weighed only four pounds, was malnourished, had tangled fur, and had dental infections. As a result, her teeth had to be removed. Now she eats soft food soaked in water. She gets groomed regularly and has a loving home. She is a precious angel that we would do anything to snuggle with.

9. Angus the Mixed Breed @good_boy_angus

Angus, aka good boy, is a mixed breed from the South living in the Pacific Northwest. He was kicked as a puppy at only a few weeks old, shattering his face and requiring surgery. He also contracted Parvo, a contagious canine virus which requires medical treatment and often veterinary hospitalization. But with the help of others' donations, Angus came out strong and has a loving forever home. 

10.The Royal Husky Pack @the_husky_whisperer

This pack of nine huskies is truly incredible. Their owner adopted them as neglected and abused pups, seeking to rehabilitate them and give them better lives. Now they spend their lives running and exploring the great outdoors. They compete in Irish Dryland Mushing and are nine-time winners of the All Ireland Championship! Unfortunately, two members of the pack (Spirit and Titan) are suffering from cataracts and complications in treatment. There is a GoFundMe set up for these courageous pups if you'd like to donate.

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