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12 Paw-sitively Adorable Bookstore Cats

Mon, 04 Jun 2018 - Animals & pets Books we love

Cats are naturally suited to the bookstore environment. In addition to their helpful tendency to chase away mice and other inventory-destroying pests, cats are iconic literary companions.

From Hemingway's six-toed pets, to Hermione Granger's smuhsy-faced Persian-mix Crookshanks, to the infamous Cheshire cat, there seems to always be a cat lurking in literature. Bookstores cats have become a common phenomenon, and we're very grateful for that!

  1. Keke, reading some modern nonfiction.

  2. Spike loves the fiction section.

  3. Annika reading the paperbacks in style.
  4. Fleur loves her home at the Wee Book Inn.

  5. Bob Newhart posing at Recycle Bookstore in San Jose.

  6. Lee Lefante, just lounging.

  7. Lakshmi guarding a pile of tomes.

  8. Squeekie is a big fan of genre fiction!

  9. Dafne is the guardian of the John's Antiquarian Bookshop in Sweden.

  10. Tiny, watching over the new releases.

  11. Chaucer in the thriller section. Thrilling!

  12. Fergie loves magazines!
  13. Bonus cat! Buffy is the official bookstore cat of Page-A-Day. Meow!

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