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5 Famous Cats in History

Mon, 12 Nov 2018 - Animals & pets

Move aside, famous humans! It's all about our star-powered feline friends for today! Check out our list of the top 5 most famous cats in history. 

1. Garfield

To know him is to love him! Garfield is the iconic comic cat created by artist Jim Davis in 1978. Garfield comics are still published today, following the cheeky cat's adventures alongside his human, Jon Arbuckle, and Odie the dog. Garfield appears in more than just comics, however: he has merchandise, has appeared in several T.V. specials, and five films!

2. Grumpy Cat

Did you know that Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce, and that she's a girl? Grumpy Cat came to her fame in 2012 after a photograph was posted of her hilariously grumpy face on Reddit. Although Grumpy Cat looks especially frustrated, her owns have noted that most of the time, she acts just like a normal, happy cat!

3. Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson

If you know who Taylor Swift is, then you've probably heard of her pets: Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, two Scottish fold cats with a lot of cat-itude. Meredith and Olivia are named for characters from Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order respectively, and they appear on Swift's social media almost more than she does! In fact, her cats has even appeared in some of Taylor Swift's commercials! Check it out here.  

4. The Cheshire Cat

One of the most mischievous characters in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is undoubtedly the Cheshire Cat, known for his distinctive—and wide—grin. Since Lewis Carroll published his famous work in 1865, the Cheshire Cat has become a bigger player in pop culture, appearing in everything from political cartoons to television. This character was most likely named after the English phrase "grinning like a Cheshire Cat," though it's unclear where the phrase originated from.

5. Salem

Who could forget Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Salem originally appeared in the Archie Comics series, and lived with Sabrina and her aunts in the town of Greendale. In the 1990s, the live-action sitcom gave the character new life, a voice, and some hilarious spunk, and Salem also appeared in a T.V. movie as well as an animated series. No matter where Salem appears, the cat always acts as Sabrina's wise sidekick. Most recently, Salem has appeared in Netflix's series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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