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5 Famous Cats on Instagram: Bengals

Tue, 12 Nov 2019 - Animals & pets

Here at Page-A-Day, we are cat people. We love the long-haired ones even when they shed, the hairless ones even when they wrinkle, and the chonky cats even when they cry for food. Collectively, our staff probably spends at least five hours a day gawking at famous cats on Instagram and sharing the cutest pictures with our followers. 

But as much as we love all kitties, have you seen a Bengal cat? They're like majestic miniature leopards! We're obsessed . . . and we had to share.

So without further ado, here are our 5 favorite Bengal cats on Instagram.


These two Bengal brothers are living large in Hertfordshire, England. Their favorite things include toys, bandanas, snuggle time, and each other! We love their gorgeous silver fur. Can we just . . . trade in our human hair for that?


While the account just has Nancy's name, it's really an account for Nancy and Maximus. Maximus is part Bengal, part Savannah, and 100% winning our hearts. These two kitties are very particular about their food, and will only eat the best of the best. In fact, their owners will test out new cheese to see if it's processed by giving a little chunk to Nancy and Max--if it's processed, they turn it away!


We love this little guy, but boy is he a rascal! Kazuki's owner told us that not only does he hate other cats, he also knows how to turn on the stove and light things on fire! Because he's wreaked havoc while his owners have gone away on vacation, Kazuki now travels everywhere. Hmm . . . sounds like an effective scheme if you ask us!


Here's another account that uses one name in the handle, but is really two kitties: Meeka and Poppy. Poppy is noted as the more "naughty" one. Meeka's nickname is little mouse. They have a very interesting cat wheel and we would really like to see how that works.


Bengals must come best in pairs, huh? We're starting to sense a pattern here. Sierra is the big sister, and loves to clean Kai up. Both live in Mountain View, California, and use our partner @thelitterrobot's amazing bionic literbox!

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