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5 Famous Dogs on Instagram: Labrador Retrievers

Mon, 03 Feb 2020 - Animals & pets

Here at Page-A-Day, we are dog people. We love the furry ones even when they shed, the curly ones even when they tangle, and the silly ones—especially when they chase their tails and make us laugh. Collectively, our staff probably spends at least five hours a day gawking at famous dogs on Instagram and sharing the cutest pictures with our followers. 

And possibly the cutest and friendliest of all dogs is the Labrador Retriever. With their wagging tails, their open faces, and those slurpy tongues, Labs bring instant delight to whoever crosses their path. Follow the hashtags #labradorretriever, #labsofinstagram, #lablove, and #instalove for all the cuteness you can handle from Chocolate Labs, Black Labs, Silver Labs, Golden Labs, and Yellow Labs!

We fetched our top 5 favorite Labrador Retrievers on Instagram, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Meet Honky Tonkin Hank @hankhonkytonkin, who loves to chase a ball and lives in Northern California!

Meet Steele the Silver @steele_the_silver, a Louisiana boy who loves to play and cuddle.

What’s better than one lab? Lots of labs! @nickel_english_labradors in Michigan shares pictures of all the labs in their life, including Red, Lowkey, Junie, Ruthie, Ember, Maple, Moses, and Ruby.

Duck the Chocolate Lab was rescued from the streets of Philly and now lives in New Hampshire.

Brodie the English Lab is chillaxin in the pool in Austin, TX!

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