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7 Pets Having Fun in the Sun

Fri, 08 Jun 2018 - Animals & pets

These dogs and cats are ready for summer! Whether it's roaming along the beach, or frolicking in the backyard, these pets are ready for summertime adventures.

  1. Marshmallow
  2. Marshmallow is a very vocal and cuddly 4 year old kitty! She likes to be the little spoon and have long conversations about filling her food bowl.

  3. Piper
  4. Piper is a 10 month old puppy who loves living in Texas. Her favorite things to do are to sneak sticks into the house and eat flowers.

  5. Socks
  6. Socks is very friendly, he greets neighbors and neighborly dogs whenever he is out and about. As often mentioned about the manx breed, Socks is very much a devoted family member and very dog-like in his behavior, fetching toys and bringing them back, and going for leisurely walks in the sunshine.

  7. Aria
  8. Aria is a beautiful German Shepherd/Husky puppy. She loves to play with all her toys. Her favorite thing to do is go on walks.

  9. Otis
  10. Otis is a 7 year old pomapug. He is super silly and likes to bogey board in the family pool. He is always there to give kisses and just make you smile, he seems to sense just when you need it.

  11. Willie
  12. Willie loves to be petted and is friendly to everyone.

  13. Russell
  14. Russell enjoys the outdoors! He has no idea of his size at 15lbs and loves to go in the car.

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