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Ariana Grande's Pocket Pig - Celebrities and Their Pets

Sat, 27 Apr 2019 - Animals & pets

You know Ariana Grande for her wide vocal range or her high pony, but would you believe us if we told you she is a pet fanatic? Well believe it, because Ariana Grande is yet another celebrity with an insane amount of pets: nine dogs and a pig!


Ariana adopted all nine of her pups, making her a strong advocate for #adoptdontshop. Ranging from poodle mixes to Chihuahuas, the Grande dog crew has no lack of breed diversity. But these dogs have plenty of friends to keep them company when Ariana is away, so let’s talk about the lone pig: Piggy Smallz.


Piggy Smallz was adopted by Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in September of 2018. She is Ariana’s registered support animal, and followed Grande after her breakup with Davidson. Bummer for Pete, seeing as how he got Piggy Smallz tattooed on him the day after she was adopted.


Though not a frequent poster, the pig has her own Instagram: @realpiggysmallz. If you want to see more Piggy Smallz, check out the unofficial video for “Breathin” where Piggy cameos.



Did we mention Piggy Smallz was nominated for iHeartRadio’s Cutest Musician’s Pet Award? (If you ask us, she should have won.)

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