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Brooke Shields' Dog Obsession - Celebrities and Their Pets

Sat, 23 Feb 2019 - Animals & pets

Brooke Shields has a long history of loving animals: she rides horses, travels around the world meeting whales and kissing camels, and has been photographed holding more dogs than we can count. Seriously, you can spiral down an internet hole just looking at photos of Brooke Shields holding dogs. 

For as many animals as Brooke Shields has met through her years of travels, dogs seem to win Brooke’s heart. Let’s take a brief trip down dog memory lane, shall we? Here are a few of her most notable dogs:

Pepper—Shields’s current poodle mix. According to Brooke, she enjoys morning yoga and coffeehouses. She also likes covering her head with curtains and looking like a spooky girl. Clearly Brooke and Pepper love each other, because Brooke’s Instagram is full of Pepper pics!

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Mornings with Pepper... she does this everyday!
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Mystery puppy—who is she? We couldn’t find a name for this puppy, but the photo set posted back in 2014 by the Daily Mail is iconic. Look at this carry! Also, it’s worth noting that the article these photos were posted in cites that Shields is allergic to dogs and has gotten multiple vaccinations just to own them. Now that’s devotion. #dogparentgoals

Darla—an American bulldog. Brooke raised her since she was a puppy, and claims Darla predicted Brooke’s pregnancy! Darla passed away from cancer in 2011 at the age of 13. Brooke spoke to People magazine for an article about how much the family would miss their pup. RIP Darla.

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