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Bruno Mars' Adorable Dogs - Celebrities and Their Pets

Sat, 09 Mar 2019 - Animals & pets

Did you know that when Bruno Mars sang “I’ll treasure you,” he was singing to his dog? Okay maybe not, but there is no doubt that Bruno Mars loves his Rottweiler, Geronimo.

Bruno Mars adopted Geronimo as a puppy in April 2012, and ever since, they’ve been inseparable. Mars gave a very “sorry not sorry” apology just after adopting Geronimo, explaining he was becoming “that guy” who posts never-ending photos of his dog. Don’t worry Bruno, we’re not complaining!

Mars must have given up the dog pic spam shame quickly, because he gifted the world with the pup’s social media. If you want to see day-to-day updates on Geronimo (and we know you do), follow his Twitter: @geronimoff

If you’re worried Geronimo isn’t getting enough attention while his dad is on tour, don’t!  Bruno Mars’s girlfriend and actress/model Jessica Caban is constantly posting about how much she loves this pooch.

On October 27, 2018, Bruno and Jessica announced to the world that there was a new addition to their family—a mutt named Pico. Check out this coned cutie! 

Pico must not like the paparazzi because big bro Geronimo seems to steal the spotlight. But doesn’t that make him all the more mysterious? Does he like squeaky toys or tennis balls better? What is his favorite food? We need answers!

What do you think about the elusive Pico? Do you know something we don’t?

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