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Can you answer these tricky TRIVIA questions? August 22, 2018

Wed, 22 Aug 2018 - Games & puzzles

From sports trivia to nerd trivia to quote trivia—Page-A-Day has the best daily trivia calendars. 

If you love history, pop culture, science, literature trivia—it’s all in the 4.8 million copy‒selling 365 DAYS OF AMAZING TRIVIA. Save 20% with the discount code PUZZLE19!

Think back, way back to a commercial featuring smiling faces, big bites of delicious-looking meals, laughter, love... and don't forget the dessert! Can you remember the answer to this August 22nd trivia question?

365 Days of Trivia

Spoiler alert! Answers below...

At Page-A-Day, we keep the trivia questions coming! If you love quotes, try the Who Said That? Calendar and see if you identify the daily doses of wisdom and humor with clever sayings from iconic figures, philosophers, comedians, rappers, athletes, and beyond. 

Today's quote compares the art of boxing to a ballet... with a few unique added features.  

Who Said That? Spoiler alert - answers below...

Get the trivia to keep your mind sharp and entertain your friends and coworkers. Think you know history, pop-culture, and sports? Prove it! Save 20% on your entire order with the discount code PUZZLE19.

SPOILERS! Here are the solutions to the August 22nd trivia questions:

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