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Demi Lovato's Guard Dogs Cinderella and Batman - Celebrities and Their Pets

Thu, 05 Sep 2019 - Animals & pets

We know Demi Lovato from Disney Channel, the X Factor, and her chart-topping album Tell Me You Love Me, but did you know Demi has two tiny guard dogs?

Demi Lovato got Cinderella in March of 2017 and Batman (yorkipoo) in August 2015.

Demi adopted Batman, then Cinderella after the death of her beloved maltipoo dog Buddy. Buddy was tragically attacked by coyotes, and Demi got a tattoo commemorating the pup. 

Cinderella and Batman prevented a burglary in July 2017. The man attempting to break into Demi's Los Angeles home not only scaled her security fence, but climbed a ladder up to her balcony! Once on the balcony, he was spotted by her dogs who lost it, and alerted her live-in property manager. When the property manager took notice, the burglar took off and her house was safe.

It's hard to believe these pocket-sized pooches were able to save the day, but that just goes to show you that dogs really are our best friends!

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