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DIY: Washi Tape Wall Frame & Vase

Fri, 01 Jun 2018 - Books we love DIY & Crafting

Do-it-yourself with a custom washi tape wall frame to decorate your home, or to give to a friend!

Simply hang your photos or art on the wall, then tape around them. For a bonus, decorate a vase with washi tape to match the frame. Be creative! You can’t go wrong when you give a handmade gift from the heart (or create something beautiful for yourself)!

Washi Wall Tape Frames & Vase

You will need:

  • Printed photos or magazine clippings
  • Scissors or craft knife and self-healing cutting mat
  • Removable double-sided tape
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Washi tape, in various colors and widths
  • Letter stickers (optional)


  1. Trim your images as desired, and arrange them on the wall with double-sided tape.
  2. Leaving a 1" margin, measure and stick a length of washi tape around all four sides to create a frame around each image. Optional: Use the scissors or the craft knife to miter the corners (page 13).
  3. Create second frames around several of the first ones, for interest.
  4. Create some empty frames on the wall and/or, in addition to the images, spell out a favorite saying or mantra in letter stickers.

BONUS: If you have a dollar store vase or piece of glassware laying around, make a matching home decor vase to go with your picture frame. Coat the outside of the glass with enamel paint and cover it with washi tape matching your wall frame. Then grab some fresh flowers and enjoy!washi-tape-mothers-day-blog-v2.1.png#asset:31729

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