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Emily Rasmussen - Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! - Illustrated Inspiration

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 - Travel & inspiration

Emily Rasmussen got her MFA in San Francisco and currently resides there. She has loved creating custom lettering since she was a little girl, when she would draw designs for her favorite bands in her notebooks! She has also worked for a range of brands including The Sierra Club and Rimowa, which shows the diversity of her creative abilities. Pick up a copy of Today is Going to Be a Great Day to see her beautiful hand-lettering of this Langston Hughes quote! 




Follow Emily on Instagram at @emilyras and check out her website for more amazing handmade designs! 

Want something to brighten your Monday? Click on the below image for a full-size download!

5 things you can do with your downloaded image: 

1. Print it out and put it on your desk

2. Put it on your fridge and look at it every time you get a snack

3. Carry it around in your pocket or your purse and let it remind you that you can do it!

4. Download it and use it as your desktop (or phone!) background

5. Give it to a friend as a sweet gift


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